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Hollywood , CA          Total 4,000 s.f.          April, 2004

Americanized Japanese restaurant, Sushi bar and Shabu Shabu restaurant is new style Japanese restaurant. This Sushi bar is traditional Japanese style restaurant but shabu shabu is customers cook meat, fish vegetable, etc. at boiled pan at counter or table by themselves. Red color floor tiles and red neo color ceiling are express Hollywood ceremony.

Koji’s Hollywood_001
Koji’s Hollywood_002
Koji’s Hollywood_003
Koji’s Hollywood_017
Koji’s Hollywood_010
Koji’s Hollywood_016
Koji’s Hollywood_015
Koji’s Hollywood_013
Koji’s Hollywood_012
Koji’s Hollywood_011
Koji’s Hollywood_009
Koji’s Hollywood_007
Koji’s Hollywood_004
Koji’s Hollywood_005
Koji’s Hollywood_006
Koji’s Hollywood_008
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