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Designed various design types, sizes and kaleidoscope of retail shops included large scale super markets and food courts. The shops are designed based on given budget and owner’s design criteria. Designed the stores easily access, functional flow and created atmosphere to encourage purchasing power. We also designed with suitable materials, scale, color and suitable lighting.

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Pacific Supermarket - Gardena, CA

Marukai Market - Costa Mesa, CA

Marukai Market - Los Angeles, CA

Marukai Market - West Covina, CA

Mitsuwa Marketplace - Costa Mesa, CA

Mitsuwa Marketplace - Edgewater, NJ

Mitsuwa Marketplace - Santa Monica, CA

Mitsuwa Marketplace - Torrance, CA

Mitsuwa Marketplace - San Diego, CA

Mitsuwa Marketplace - San Jose, CA

Mitsuwa Marketplace - Chicago, IL

Mitsuwa Marketplace - Irvine, CA

Jeans Pacific sports Shop  - Torrance, CA

Mutual Trading Showroom - Los Angeles, CA

Mifuku Gift Shop - Los Angeles, CA

Marukai Store - Cypress, CA

Marukai Store - Fountain Valley, CA

Momo Style - Rowland Heights, CA

Sanseido Bookstore - Chicago, IL

Sanseido Bookstore - Costa Mesa, CA

Utsuwa-no-yakata po - Los Angeles, CA

Utsuwa-no-yakata - Richmond, CA

Utsuwa-no-yakata - Rowland Heights, CA

Video Eye - Torrance, CA

Watabe Blush - Santa Monica, CA

Soho, Mixed use Building - Longfan, China

Nanshang Water World - Yangtai, China

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