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Chicago , CA          Total 2,000 s.f.          April, 1998 

This is large buffet style sea food restaurant. Over 6,000 s.f. and 200 seats dining rooms in Los Angeles. Open kitchen concept is exposed to dining area. Curved buffet counter is surrounded by dining area. The dining room is designed like entertaining children cartoon sea world.

Todai Chicago_MD_001
Todai Chicago_MD_007
Todai Chicago_MD_015
Todai Chicago_MD_014
Todai Chicago_MD_0011
Todai Chicago_MD_012
Todai Chicago_MD_009
Todai Chicago_MD_008
Todai Chicago_MD_010
Todai Chicago_MD_004
Todai Chicago_MD_002
Todai Chicago_MD_005
Todai Chicago_MD_006
Todai Chicago_MD_003
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