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Tempe, Glendale, AZ          Total 6,000 s.f.          April, 2009

Kabuki restaurant consists of main kitchen, dining rooms, sushi bar, sake bar, lounge and patio dining. The restaurant interior was designed passionately balance of clear geometric detailed forms and the subtle fusion of Easter and Western architectural traditions of intimate scale kaleidoscope. The wall of sushi bar was specially designed graphic with authentic Japanese calligraphy and red color background. Lighting fixture of red color paper at high black ceiling and geometric glass partitions with neon inserted were expressed traditional Japanese culture.

KABUKI Glandale_MD_001
KABUKI Tempe_MD_001
KABUKI Tempe_MD_003
KABUKI Tempe_MD_006
KABUKI Glandale_MD_002
KABUKI Tempe_MD_002
KABUKI Tempe_MD_005
KABUKI Tempe_MD_007
KABUKI Tempe_MD_004
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