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New Jersey           Total 48,000 s.f.          April, 1998 

This is the oldest and largest branch of the largest Japanese American supermarket in the United States. Interior finish was designed looks like always crowded atmosphere, even if not so many customers in the store, because of psychological shoppers’ consciousness. Interior was designed passionately balance of clear geometric detailed forms and colors, the subtle fusion of Easter and Western architectural traditions of kaleidoscope. The floor paving was designed abstract pattern by multi-colored PVC-tiles. Colorful painted walls at each sales section with large abstract geometrical signs were designed. Food court and small various shops were attached created mall near market cashiers and main entry area.

New Jersey_MD_001
New Jersey_MD_002
New Jersey_MD_004
New Jersey_MD_003
New Jersey_MD_008
New Jersey_MD_007
New Jersey_MD_005
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